Warning: If you’re looking to eliminate your household phone bills, this message will prove to be the most influential piece of writing you’ve read in several years.

“Who Else Would Like To Have FREE Local And
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From: The highly cluttered desk of Kelly Grover

8:06 AM PT

Re: Secrets Of The Phone Industry Exposed – Saving You, The Consumer BIG BUCKS On All Of Your Phone Needs (wireless, land lines, voip, video and DSL).

Location: In hiding – somewhere in Colorado

Internet Friend –

Hi! My name is Kelly Grover. I’m one of the nations leading telecom experts. I’ve been studying the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ and all of the dirty, behind closed door meetings that take place within this industry for more than 30 years.

The Results Are In

What I found was rather shocking. Most of these larger carriers (you know the names – statistically, your current phone provider is probably one of them) are absolutely putting their customers through the financial slaughterhouse.

Charging ridiculous fees and providing embarrassing customer service. Honestly, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Over the course of my studies, I found some things to be pretty alarming – and most importantly for you, a few things that will save you huge piles of cash. And no, there are no strings attached. No fine print and useless jibber jabber.

Local And Long Distance For Free???

Due to the deregulation of this industry there is actually a way for you to get FREE local and long distance phone service. Yes, I will show you exactly how to get free local and long distance phone service, regardless of where you reside – 100% legally with no strings attached - the same services that you’re currently using – FOR FREE.

The ‘Small Guy In Hiding’ Giving Back

For an industry that has pummeled and pillaged customers for years, the least I could do is give back to the people that they’ve been victimizing. I’ve created a report entitled, ‘Phone Service Secrets Revealed – And A Simple Step You Can Take Right Now To Get 100% FREE Phone Service!’

For the first time ever I’m sharing this closely guarded information with the general public.

There is a chance these phone companies will come after me – absolutely furious because I’m pulling back the iron curtain. I held nothing back here. The good news for you is that this information is yours and 100% FREE for the taking – until they come after me anyway.

Yes, Kelly – Count Me In!

I’m ready for my report, ‘Phone Service Secrets
Revealed – And A Simple Step You Can Take Right
Now To Get 100% FREE Phone Service!’

Oh, and just for acting quickly, I’m going to reveal my Number #1 Secret Of All…

Fast Acting Bonus: If you respond immediately asking for my ‘tell all’ report to divulge all the scams and double crossing that takes place in the phone industry I’m going to show you how to actually GET PAID for using the same services you’re currently using. Yes, an actual rebate check for doing nothing more than you are right now! Would it be ok to get a check in the mail with your name on it for doing NOTHING more than you’re currently doing? (Bonus Conservatively Valued At $169.00 – Yours Absolutely Free)

** Your information will never be sold, rented or bartered for. You have
my word. It will not be shared with anyone – under any circumstance.

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Disclaimer: If you are a phone company executive I am exposing all of your dirty little secrets. You really should be ashamed of yourself. I’m not sure how you sleep at night, but I’m setting the record straight and informing consumers of exactly how you’re raking them over the coals. There will be no more pillaging of customers and financially raping them. I’m putting a stop to your nonsense.

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